What is the difference between a handmade and machine made carpet?

With the purchase of a handmade rug you get a fine piece of craftsmanship and often also a piece of history. A hand-knotted or hand-woven rug is made according to traditional methods , often using natural dyes in specific colours. The origin of a hand-knotted rug can be traced by an expert through the materials used, button technique, color combinations and patterns. The rugs are made with a specially designed loom. The entire manufacturing process is done by hand: from spinning and then dyeing the wool to weaving and finishing the rug. That is also why an average vintage rug takes months to make.

Making machine-made rugs is many times faster and is usually limited to hours. This is because a computer-controlled loom is used, which allows them to produce rugs at a rapid pace. Handmade rugs usually use wool, while machine-made rugs also use synthetic materials.

This is also the reason why the price of a hand-knotted rug is higher than the price of a machine-made rug. The colors and patterns of handmade rugs are also more vibrant and look more natural. A high-quality handmade rug is a sustainable investment in your interior, because it often retains its value or even becomes more valuable.

How do you recognize a handmade carpet?

Do you want to style your interior with a beautiful, handmade rug and have your eye fallen on, for example, a vintage rug or kilim? By taking into account the specific characteristics of authentic hand-knotted rugs below, you can be sure that you are not purchasing a machine-made one.

Edge with fringes

Fringes are an essential part of a hand-knotted rug. You can see them on the two short sides of the rug. They are created by knotting two threads together and are intended to hold together the knotted material of the rug. You can see that the fringes are a stuck extension of the material used for the rug. Sometimes the fringes are removed. If fringes look unnatural, or are attached to the rug afterwards , you're dealing with a machine-made rug.

Bottom of the rug

The underside of a rug clearly shows the difference between a handmade and machine-made rug. A handmade rug is not attached to a bottom mat. This makes the bottom of the rug look similar to the top, but the knots don't always line up. The colors on the top and bottom are equally bright. With a machine-made rug, the weaving patterns and knots on the underside are almost always the same and perfect. The colors at the bottom are also often duller because machine-made rugs are attached to a bottom mat.

Perfectly imperfect

Making a rug by hand is very labour-intensive. It is almost impossible for the knotter not to make a mistake in the symmetry of the design during the many months or years he works on the rug. That is why small flaws are an integral part of an authentic, hand-knotted carpet. With machine-made carpets, the pattern is very precise and completely symmetrical, and the whole looks unnatural.

The differences at a glance:

√ Handmade rugs often use natural materials such as wool, silk and cotton.

√ A hand-knotted rug takes months to make. Machine knotted rugs last only hours.

√ The quality of handmade rugs is much higher and can last for generations.

√ Handmade rugs are not perfect. Sometimes small deviations can be found in, for example, the pattern. Machine-made rugs do not have this, which makes them look too perfect and unnatural.

√ The bottom of a handmade rug is a reflection of the top. You can also clearly see the buttons. With machine-made carpets this is less clear and you often see that it is made on a base mat.

√ Handmade rugs generally hold their value. Machine-made rugs, on the other hand, are not.

√ That is why we only sell handmade rugs.

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